Here are our rules - they help us make GOBfest a positive, safe, respectful event. If you feel you cannot abide by them, please find another place to play!

  1. Be welcoming to new gamers. Please respect that not all attendees have the same background or level of experience. Don’t condescend; don’t brag.
  2. Don’t offer unsolicited advice. We all might make different choices for different reasons, and that’s okay! So, please ask if people want advice before giving it.
  3. Avoid profane or inappropriate language. Kids come to GOBfest, so what flies at your private game night might not fly at GOBfest.
  4. Respect your fellow players. Competition is fine, but bullying is not. Don’t disrespect anyone based on gender, race, age, ability, sexual orientation, or any other personal characteristic [FYI: calling something “just a joke” is not an excuse we accept].
  5. Be a good sport. Finish every game you start (unless everyone agrees to stop). Be gracious in victory and defeat. Abide by the rules.Play to win, not to be a kingmaker. Don’t intentionally give other players an unfair advantage or disadvantage.
  6. Respect the games. Put games away neatly (the way you found them…) and check for dropped pieces. Be careful if you’re eating or drinking around games.
  7. Lastly, play for team GOBfest. If other attendees create a negative, unsafe, or disrespectful atmosphere, please bring it to an organizer’s attention. We’ll address it discreetly!
    Love, Your GOBfest Team