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Bring your gently used games and find a new home for them! Our flea market takes place on Saturday from 1:30 to 2:30 and renting a table costs $5. Simply add it to your registration basket, and be ready to set up!


Want to bring your kids, but would prefer a bit of grown-up-gaming time? Come to our kids' corner, where volunteers will keep the little ones (5+ years) busy while you can play something else at adjoining tables (within eyesight and earshot!). Note: you must stay in the immediate vicinity, since we cannot provide child minding, just child distracting, and you'll need to sign a small waiver saying that you will ;)


Every year we're proud to feature yet to be published games from aspiring local game designers! Drop by the Alley to test out a new game or talk some serious shop with some of Edmonton's most innovative creative minds. Click on "Prototype Alley" above to see some of the prototypes that will be at this year's convention!


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New this year is our Hot GOB area, presented by Mission Fun & Games and Apt to Game, which will feature recently released games that will be set up all weekend to play.  If you see a game you’d like to try, give it a whirl.  When you’re done, simply reset the game to its original setup and leave it ready for the next group to try.  You can also visit our friends from Mission and Apt who will be running demo tables all weekend of great games to try.