Prototype Alley

Here are a few of the prototypes from local designers that you can try out at this year's convention! 



Rolling Empires (ON KICKSTARTER NOW!)

Designers: Nicholas Fong & Lauren Razeau

Description: Rolling Empires is a fantasy empire dice building game for 2 to 6 players. Players attempt to gain supremacy over their opponents through building  a glorious empire or through conquest. Dice Building, Resource Management, Area Control, and Engine Building are some of the key features that drive this unique and diverse game. Players have a variety of choices, and may follow various paths to victory.

So much time has passed since the Great War ravaged the lands. Creatures throughout the land have enjoyed peace and prosperity for hundreds of years. Then, The Aether Stone fell from the heavens. The stone carried with it crystals filled with intense magical power. The crash spread these crystals throughout the land, But the crystals were concentrated at the crash site. Peace is wonderful, but power leads to corruption. Eventually, armies began to march on the crash site to hoard it's power. The struggle for conquest had begun. But not all were consumed by the crystals' powers. Some remained content working the land and building glorious cities, filled with monuments and workshops. Which path will you choose to follow?


SAT. 1-4:30PM

SUN. 9-12:30PM

THieving jerks

Designer: Jake Bailey

Description: Thieving Jerks is a card game of underhanded cheatery where winning comes second to making everyone else lose.  Take some good cards, trick your opponents into taking the bad ones, or just Big Bomb your way to mutually assured destruction!


SAT. 4:30-8PM

SUN. 1-5PM


Designer: Keith Donaldson

Description: Diceborn Heroes is a 1-4 player fantasy dice game similar to the old school JRPGs. (60-90mins) Players control a party of heroes known as the Diceborn. Tales say these few are able to harness the powers of crystals to perform amazing feats. In order to protect innocent bystanders of the land of Dievalice, our Heroes will travel to far off lands on quests facing monsters. They must band together to gain strength and defeat the evils that plagued the fair lands of Dievalice. After each encounter, players will have a chance to level up their classes and learn new skills, giving them more abilities and dice to use in the upcoming battles, culminating in a final boss battle.


SAT. 1-4:30PM

SUN. 9-12:30PM

CAverns and Cave-Ins

Designer: Thomas Layton

Description: You are the boss of a small mining company. With a handful of money and some basic tools you have ambitions to become the largest most profitable mining corporation. Staking a claim on a piece of land you begin to extract materials from the ground.  Some of the materials you excavate will be more valuable than others. As your profits grow you can purchase larger mining equipment and stake your claim on more land.  Caution, cave-ins could occur on the next tile destroying your equipment and cutting into your fortune. Be the first player to reach the bottom of a stack of earth tiles and you may be rewarded with a large treasure. 


SAT. 9-1PM & 4:30-8PM

Kaiju Conquest

Designer: Warren Loewen

Description: Kaiju Conquest is a sci-fi strategy board game of alien invasion and battles between giant mecha and monsters. One player controls the United Nations Reaction Force (UNRF) defending Earth using military forces and giant mecha. The other player controls the Sazzarran alien invaders, with their hordes of air, land and sea units, and their giant slave creatures called Kaiju. Both forces maneuver around the Pacific Ocean and its neighbouring continents and port cities, in an attempt to battle for control of as much territory as possible, in order to prevent or abet a Kaiju Conquest!

# of players: 2-4

Game Time: Normally 1.5 to 3 hours (I will have a demo session set up so the players can learn a quick version focusing mainly on combat)


SAT. 1-4:30PM & 8-MIDNIGHT


Designer: Sean McDonald

Description: In Crash Course: Go-Kart Racing, 2 to 6 players race down a track they are all creating mid-game! You can manipulate the track to help yourself or hinder others, and even create short-cuts for come-from-behind victories. Further, using items both tactically and strategically, you can create unique combos to wreak havoc on your opponents or blast past them. Using a fully integrated catch-up mechanic, every race feels neck and neck, while still rewarding the most strategic players with victories that feel earned! A game that teeters on being light-hearted fun and deceptively strategic! Each game takes 10 minutes or less per player. And, unlike many tabletop racing games, very little set up - and turns go quick, as a racing game should!


SAT. 9-1PM

Scroll City (Sat. 9-1pm)

Designer: Jared McGeough

Description:  Scroll City is a medium-weight strategy game for 2-4 players. Players take on the roles of visiting scholars who have travelled with a small group of Research Assistants to the city of Alexandria, Egypt, which boasts one of the greatest collections of learning in the ancient world. Out-maneuver your rivals by recruiting eager new Research Assistants to acquire and study important books from the different centres of learning in the city, while building up “concepts” to improve your standing in the disciplines of Science, Philosophy, History, and the Arts. Scroll City combines dice rolling and dice placement with area control, worker placement, hand and resource management, along with Tetris-style puzzle solving into a unique gameplay experience that will appeal to those who enjoy  both European and American-style games. Roll for scrolls and fill your brain--literally--in Scroll City!

Play time is approximately 25-30 minutes per player.



SUN. 1-5PM


Designer: Luke Seinen

Description: Carthage is a deck building board game where players move around a hex-based arena and face off in gladiatorial warfare to earn crowd favour, gain armour, and battle to the death. This game uses blended mechanics of deck building, hand management, and a whole lot of ruthless "take-that" combat. Enter the theatre of Carthage where any move could be your last! Easy to learn...easy to die!

We are launching on Kickstarter this May. Visit or follow us on Instagram or Facebook for more info.