Prototype Alley

Here are a few of the prototypes from local designers that you can try out at this year's convention! 


Designer: Spencer Evans

3-6 players

2 hours

The Salus Venture has lost all primary power systems on board on its approach to Earth from Titan. A secret alien specimen on board has managed to take advantage of the situation and escape its holding cell. This alien has unleashed a parasitic infection into the ventilation system, infecting each and every one on board. Held only at bay by the sheer willpower of each person, this infection is fighting to take over anyone at the slightest moment of distraction.

The alien has made short work of most of the people on board and only the strongest of the bunch remain. As it hunts down the remaining passengers and crew, a distress signal is sent throughout the ship: repair the escape pod and escape. The ship has altered its course to fly straight into the sun and it’s only a matter of time before it’s too late to reach Earth. It will take a team effort to get out alive. As the humans pillage the ship for its resources and items, they are being hunted by an alien with incredible intellect and cunning. Every action they take and subsequent sound they make draws them one step closer to their demise. Can you and your fellow shipmates escape the Salus Venture or will you turn to selfish ways to save yourself? Can you avoid infection, or will the alien take over your mind and body? Can you outsmart the Alien AI?

Caverns and Cave-Ins

Designer: Tom Layton

2-5 players

45-60 min.

Deep within a remote corner of the world, a local government has drilled several bore holes. Preliminary results of that drilling have revealed seams of Gold, Coal, Iron Ore, Diamond and much more. In hopes of giving the sagging economy a boost all mining restrictions have been lifted. The call has been made to all miners willing to make the journey to compete for a mining contract. The window to mine is closing soon. Once several mines have been exhausted, the industry has sufficiently been boosted, or the safety risks are too high, open mining rights will be closed. The miner who has proven that they are the most adaptable and profitable will win a contract to continually mine this region.

You have answered the call and are one of the first miners to arrive.  Outfitted with only a few small tools you set out to build your mining reputation. The competition to win this contract will be stiff. Building your reputation can be achieved through cornering the market on specific resources, diversifying your assets, or kick starting the economy through improving industry. Caution should be used when mining deeper, as caverns and cave-ins may lie under the next tile slowing your progress or decimating your operation. Will you be the miner who comes out on top?


Designer: Scott MacArthur

2 Players

20 mins.

It was a breakthrough, a goal tried by too many for too long, that everyone thought was impossible: Cold Fusion. With the announcement the world rejoiced, near infinite energy, as America kept hush on its plans for this miracle technology. After 2 years and a lot of posturing from world leaders, thoughts and fears ‘what if the technology landed in the wrong hands’, America finally proclaimed ‘Only we deserve this technology, and will do what we most to keep it that way’. The First soldier landed on the Western Seaboard 72 hours later and with that action World War III had begun.

Oddball Island

Designer: Joypulp Studios

3-5 Players

20-40 mins.

ODDBALL ISLAND is an elimination draft/set collection game full of negotiation, teamwork, and backstabbing. Players are ancient gods who share their rule over tribal villagers living on a volcanic island. Each round, the gods gather in the volcano in order to barter over souls and tribal tokens used to activate their mighty god powers and improve the lives of their villagers. Each action they take will affect the destinies of their followers, and the battle is on for the gods to ensure their tribes emerge as the strongest.

Scroll City

Designer: Jared McGeough

2-4 players

90 mins.

In SCROLL CITY, players take on the roles of visiting scholars who have traveled to obtain valuable scrolls from across the great city of Alexandria, Egypt, known for its famous library and vast stores of ancient wisdom. Players will try to out-maneuver their rivals by assigning Researchers to the various different centers of learning throughout the city, recruiting eager new Researchers, and building up their own knowledge by acquiring "concepts" to improve their standing in each of the disciplines of Science, Philosophy, History, and the Arts.

Scroll City uses dice and worker placement, worker "evolution"/upgrading, resource management, and Tetris-style puzzle solving  to create an immersive, tense gaming experience that will appeal to fans of both European and American-style games.

Roll for Scrolls in Scroll City and become the most brilliant scholar in the ancient world!


Tussle over Terra

Designer: Sean Desnoyers

2 players

30 mins.

Two players take on the opposing roles of the titans Order and Chaos in creating and shaping a new world. The players start with an empty play area and short stacks of tiles featuring terrain. Building the starting board one tile at a time will be the first step in their contest. Once the initial board has been set each player till take turns rolling a pair of dice to determine how they may rearrange the board. Order wishes to make the world in neat rows and blocks. Chaos wants to have a disorganized mess. Only one will have their way by the end of the 8th round. 


Designer: Alex Racine

1-8 players (co-op); 1-4 (competitive)

UPRISE is strategic tower building game launching on Kickstarter March 20, 2018. Players act as members of an up-and-coming secret society. Complete your Mission Card by using 'Stache Cards to place your bureaus around the world. Add decoys to help complete your Secret Agendas and provide more stability for your organization. When required, bridge different branches within your organization. Complete all the Mission Cards to overthrow the ruling elite!

Lost At Sea

Designer: Alex Racine

2-4 players

LOST AT SEA is a dice-bumping adventure. Players are forgotten victims of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle. Since their disappearance, they've been roaming an alternate reality as immortal seafarers contained in a condensed world. With rumors of a portal that will grant passage for 1 lucky seafarer back to Earth, the race is on for who will acquire enough Anchor Points to make it back home.