(Saturday, 9-4:30pm) 

Description: According to historians The Empire of Beril once controlled all the lands from the Sapphire Sea to the boundless dunes of the Udan Desert. Rich beyond measure, they say its emperors ruled for a thousand years.

The Berils are now but a distant memory but rumours abound of treasures yet undiscovered in the hidden corners of their catacombs.From far and wide adventurers come, drawn to these dark places where they find not only treasure but also the strange creatures that have made these places their homes.

DM: Daniel Hodges


(Saturday, 4:30-midnight)

Description: The ruined church still moulders North of Sſtabhmontown. Echoed in prophecies of Anti-popes and evil kings, it’s said that heretics live like wild dogs in the countryside nearby, and amidst the goblin horrors that dwell under the earth, Dwarves have returned. The rights of men, they say, extend only six inches beneath the turf. But—that’s where the treasure is, right?

DM: Adam Waldron-Blain