A FLEA MARKET (Sunday at Lunch)! 


  • Get rid of the games you never play!
  • Tables are $5 only (you can add the flea market as an item to your registration).
  • Bring change - GOBfest will not be able to provide you with any.
  • Cash transactions only.
  • Pick up some new-to-you games!
  • Bring cash (no ATM on site!). 
  • Check to see if all components are present before you buy; GOBfest will be unable to help you if you discover anything is missing after the fact.



At this workshop, our motto will be "Less bloviating, more proviating". Which is not a word, but goes to show *just* how creative this thing is going to be, you know? But sure, if you insist on a "decipherable description": We'll facilitate, not talk. Lead fun, focused exercises that will help you realize what your strengths as a potential game designer might be. You'll walk out of there with a filled-out worksheet, a battle plan, and links to trustworthy online game design resources. Cool?* 

*Well, no, board game design isn't cool. Don't lie to yourselves. 

LIFE-SIZED GAMING (Saturday afternoon)!

There's no reason we always have to be sitting down, is there? So let's try something new! This year, we'll be playing life-sized Dutch Blitz. Instead of playing the game sitting down at a table with reasonably-sized cards, you'll be playing it running around, in a gym, with impracticably large cards. Sound silly? Good! That's what we're going for.


Calling all local designers.  Got a game idea that you've started working on?  Bring it by, no matter how rough and raw it may be, and take advantage of the opportunity to show it off and discuss it with other designers in the community.

Got a game idea that you aren't sure how to turn into a prototype?  Come chat with us and pick up some thoughts on easy ways to turn an idea into something playable.

Interested in some of the work being done locally?  Swing by to get an early look at some of the innovation occurring right here in Alberta.  

Participants in a playtest session will also be eligible to enter their names to win prizes, so the time has never been better to check out the newest up and coming designers.