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Do I have to wear a mask at GOBfest 2022?

GOBfest 2022 is mask-friendly. We aren't requiring masks be work, but we encourage attendees to wear one when playing games at a table. There will be zero tolerance for mask shaming or harassment.

Do I have to be vaccinated to attend GOBfest 2022?

As the province has removed vaccine mandates, there is no requirement for to be vaccinated to attend GOBfest.

There will be no food at tables during GOBfest 2022

You are allowed to have sealed drinks at the tables while playing, but there will be no eating at tables this year. Our concession will be limited to drinks and snacks this year. We're hoping the weather will be nice that weekend, and there is lots of space to eat outside the hall. We're also encouraging attendees to support the nearby restaurants for meals.

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