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***if you cannot find the answer to your question here, please contact us - we will update this list accordingly for others!***

What kind of games do you play there? Is it like Risk or Monopoly?

Well, yes and no. No matter whether you hate or love Risk and Monopoly, we've got good news: game design has gotten a lot better, broader and more diverse in the last 20 years! There has been a veritable explosion of game playing and its corresponding audience. There are cooperative games, single player games, word games, party games, strategy games, physical and dexterity games, trivia games, 5-minute games, 5-hour games... you name it. If you come by, our volunteers will size you up and recommend something that fits your personality, experience, and attention span in no time at all!

I'm new to board games. Can I still attend? Will I have fun?

Yes and yes! Bringing new people into the fold is our favourite thing. GOBfest was founded on the principles of openness and inclusivity. We are looking to make our convention a welcoming, friendly and safe(r) space for all kinds of people, no matter their age, nationality, gender, sexual orientation... you name it. More specifically, we train all our volunteers to help make new gamers feel comfortable and welcomed. Read more about our 7 Rules for Playing Nice!

Can I bring my kids?

We love families! So yes, please bring your kids. A couple of notes:

  • TOURNAMENTS: if you register your child in a tournament event, your child must be able to play independently (since these are competitive events). No parental advising allowed! For that reason, we recommend that you only register your child in a tournament if they are already very familiar with the relevant game and its rules.

  • OTHER SCHEDULED EVENTS: for non-tournament events, make sure that your child is within a couple of years of the recommended age minimum, and understands that they are expected to finish any game they start. 

How do I become a sponsor?

Send us an email through the Contact Us page and let us know, and one of us will get back to you shortly.

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