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GOBweb 2021: FAQ


Please find below some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for our online event. However, if you’d rather not read and prefer to learn by doing, just sign up for one of our GOBlets - starting on February 24, we will have practice online gaming sessions every Wednesday at 7:00pm leading up to GOBweb!


What’s GOBweb? Is it online GOBfest?

  • GOBweb is not exactly online GOBfest - think of it as a treat to help us bridge the time until we can all be together again. 

  • GOBweb is free to attend!

  • However, in some ways it is similar - GOBweb will still give you the chance to play games, make friends, and win prizes!


When is GOBweb?

  • GOBweb is on Saturday March 20, 2021, between 10:00am and 10:00pm


How do I register for GOBweb?

​​Why should I register ahead of time?

  • Two reasons: helping us out, and winning prizes! 

  • Since we have never run an online event before, we are not sure how many folks might show up, and your registration helps us plan. 

  • To encourage pre-registration, we will also enter everyone who registered (and attended) into additional draws for prizes such as games and online memberships to TableTopia!


What do I need to participate in GOBweb?

  • Computer, tablet or phone with audio capability:

    • You will need a computer, tablet or phone with microphone/voice capability. Most games will be played over voice chat (though text is a possibility for some). Video is optional!

    • We recommend playing on a computer or tablet, because many games are a bit hard to see/navigate on the small screen (though many are fine! Depends on what you would like to play).

  • A Discord account:

    • You will need a Discord account. Discord is a messaging app that allows us to run this event via a group of interlinked chat rooms, grouped together on our GOBfest “server”.

    • Join our discord server by clicking this link:

    • If you’ve never used Discord, think of it as a collection of group chats - each group chat would be a game room, or a place to interact with GOBfest attendees outside of a game.

    • You can download Discord onto your phone or computer.

  • One or more gaming accounts:

    • We will be using Board Game Arena, Tabletopia, and Tabletop Simulator for most games.

    • You do not need to have all three accounts! When you show up, games will be clearly marked and you can choose to attend only those games for which you have an account.


Do I need premium/paid accounts to play?

  • Generally, no! Board Game Arena and Tabletopia have free subscription levels.

  • Bonus: Since premium users can have guest players on these accounts, this means that during GOBweb, you will have the chance to play games that are only available on premium.

  • Here are some exceptions:

  • If you would like to host a premium game, you will need a premium account. 

That sounds a bit overwhelming. I have never done any online gaming. I don’t know Discord...How do I learn?

  • Easy! We will host sessions to help you learn these things leading up to GOBfest - our “GOBlets”.

  • Join us online every Wednesday evening in the last 4 weeks leading up to GOBweb - check our social media accounts or contact us to learn more!


What is the first thing I should do when I log on?

  • The Discord server is split into several sections: Registration Desk - start here, Main Hall, Looking for players, and Games in Progress. 

  • Check in at Registration Desk: This section has a voice channel and a text channel. Please check in here with a volunteer when you first log in - your choice if you want to do it by text or by voice! When you check in, we will answer any questions you might have, give you some pointers, and make sure we enter your name into our prize draws!


Take a look at the how to use Discord posts in the Main Hall:

  • How to use Discord: We will pin information about how to use Discord here. Of course, you’re always welcome to come to the Registration Desk channel to ask a GOBweb volunteer as well.

  • Introduction yourself with a quick post in Introductions: Please post a short intro here when you first log in! This helps us build community, and associate your Discord name with your real name (especially if we know you from previous GOBfests!)

  • Start playing!


Enough bureaucracy! How do I join a game?

  • Looking for Players: Join an existing game. Check here for any games hosted by others that you can join! All of these games are about to start and open to players. You can pop in, introduce yourself, and when you’ve found enough players, start the game. 

  • Once the game has started, please ask a GOBweb volunteer and we will move the channel to “games in progress” (this will prevent others from trying to join in the middle of your game!). Similarly, when the game is done, please ask a GOBweb volunteer to remove it. 

  • Game Requests: Host your own game. If you would like to start a game room, please post in here. A GOBweb volunteer will create a channel for you (voice or chat). If you are looking for players, we will post the channel in the “Looking for players” section (see below). If your group is already complete, we will post it directly in “games in progress”.

  • Note: Please ensure that you have the accounts you need to host the game before you request a room be created! For example, if you would like to host a premium game on Board Game Arena, you will need a Premium account; the remaining players will be able to join as your guests). 


What are all these other sections and channels?

  • Games in Progress: As mentioned above, you will be able to see which games are in progress here - but please don’t click on these channels to avoid interrupting others in their games.

  • Issues:Please join this channel to report any problems you are facing during GOBweb, such as conflicts with a fellow attendee or volunteer. We will do our best to uphold our Seven Rules for Playing Nice, even at this online event.

  • GOBchat:This is the place to go for saying hi, social chats, game recommendations, whatever you like! It’s a free-for-all.

How can I volunteer for GOBweb?

  • We’re not sure just how big the demand will be for an online event, and it’s a bit harder to get to know new volunteers given the circumstances of the pandemic - that’s why we’re currently only recruiting GOBweb volunteers to folks who have volunteered for GOBfest previously. We have sent out an email to our previous volunteers; if you are one and have not received it, please contact us - though it’s probably in your junk folder :)

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us through email or social media, and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can.

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